Grad Cert Higher Education Academic Practice

Awarded in 2020, this Graduate Certificate schooled me in contemporary adult learning theory, modern applications of scholarship, HE curriculum development, and online learning.  

PhD (Clinical Psychology)

Awarded in 2013, this was my apprenticeship into robust empirical research skills, applied to phenomenon of interest in the social sciences. I have since published many articles from the resultant dissertation, in leading scholarly journals.

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Awarded in 1993, this was my introduction to science and research, and it is where I first learned of my passion for scholarship and academia.

William Arthur Ward

"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change"


General Psychologist

Between 1994 and 2011, I was employed in various settings as a generalist psychologist, serving the clients and consumers of those settings.  This includes correctional centres, general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, and primary health networks.  
I worked primarily with adult clients on a variety of issues including trauma, addiction, mood disorders, relatiionship problems, work concerns, etc.
My therapy modality is best described as integrative, always ensuring the effective common therapeutic factors were established and maintained. 

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

Since 2011, I have worked in various higher education providers (both Universities and private) within the disciplines of psychology and counselling/psychotherapy.  
Teaching has been across all learning modalities, including on-campus, online, and blended. 
Units taught include common therapeutic factors, counselling models, research skills, addiction counselling, mental health, sustainability, and statistics.

Curriculum Development

At times, I have been involved in the development of online short courses, that are offered to existing counselling practitioners and interested persons as professional development opportunities. 
These courses are always prepared using the most contemporary understanding of adult education, as well as online learning theory. 

Academic Management

My experience extends to opportunities when I was responsible for a team of academic staff, across disciplines. 
In these roles, my leadership style was supportive, inspirational, and transformative. 

Course Accreditation

I have enjoyed opportunities to be involved in the preparation, proof reading, and editing of course accreditation documentation for TEQSA, on behalf of independent higher education providers.

Editing, Proofreading, & Copyright

My advanced academic written communication skills affords me the expertise in editing and proof reading of academic documents.
I am also experienced in copyrighting skills, particularly when writing academic material in general media for the lay audience.

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Adult Education

I am competent in the design, development, and delivery of adult education courses, complying with adult learning theory, online learning theory, cognitive load theory, and constructive alignment principles. 

I am experienced in the main learning management systems to deliver online courses, including Moodle and Canvas. 

I am proficient in supportive software in the online learning space including Zoom, and Microsoft Teams


I am competent in all aspects of empirical research in the disciplines of psychology, counselling/psychotherapy, and learning and teaching.

This includes all research methodologies including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. 

My network extends to University colleagues, whom can support any research endeavours requiring HREC approval. 

Written Communication

I am expert in academic writing and can provide editing and proof reading services to prepared manuscripts.

I am also experienced in translating academic writing into non-jargon writing, suitable for the lay reader, using copyrighting principles.

TEQSA Accreditation

I have knowledge and experience in the preparing of TEQSA accreditation documentation for new courses in existing higher education providers. 

Higher Education Provider Management

I am familiar with the policies, procedures, and functioning that is associated with the success of indendent higher education providers, and can offer my services as manager of academic teams in these environments. 


"We write to spread an idea, a story, or knowledge"